Spring Vacation to St John's, NL

What a weekend! I won't go into much detail, but I had a gift certificate for Premier Executive Suites and I thought that'd use it in St John's. it's a city I've always wanted to visit in more detail. I had only been there once before and only for a few hours. We did the usual tourist things. We went to The Rooms to explore the museums, and art galleries and have some lunch with a great view of the city. We hiked up Signal Hill, visited Cape Spear and got drunk on George Street. One of the highlights was a tour by O'Briens Boat Tours in Bay Bulls, NL of the Witless Bay Ecological Reserve in the area. We saw one Minke Whale in the bay before heading out to check out a grounded iceberg. After that we headed out to the islands where thousands of birds nest. We saw Puffins, Common Murres, Razor Bills and gulls. It was an amazing experience. The other highlight of the trip was Berry Head. After an 8km hike on the East Coat Trail we saw the amazing land bridge. That's to St John's for the great hospitality! 

First Race of the Season in Nova Scotia

Today was the first mountain bike race of the year. It's classic Nova Scotia race that starts in Victoria Park in Truro, Nova Scotia. It's called Victoria's Secret. For the last couple years I have not been so active and have worked a considerable amount in the film industry so I've gained some weight and am not in the best of shape. I spent the effort in preparing for this race with good hydration the day before and morning of, having proper hydration and electrolytes in the feed zone ready for me. I did everything I could to make it the best race possible for me and a good race it was. I felt strong, and fast the entire time. I gave it all I had, but did place behind the folks I normally would be racing along side of. It's a product of my added weight and lack of training. I currently don't have a road bike for training. I'll be fixing that soon though. I had a great time anyhow and was very pleased with my performance. Winning is not the top goal as I don't race in the elite category and never have in the past. When I was younger I won a couple series, but I'm no longer in my prime. I only race because it is fun. The race scene is a good place to meet other riders, catch up with your riding friends and see people you have not seen in a long time. Racing bring the community together. The next race is next weekend in Scotsburn, NS. I sadly won't be there as I'll be on a weekend excursion with my girlfriend in St John's doing the tourist thing which I hope to enjoy very much!

Wallace River Paddle

Today we went for a paddle with some of the folks at Canoe Kayak Nova Scotia on the Wallace River. We have not paddled this river before so we were just following along on the trip with the others. They decided to start it a bit further up river than they normally do. There was not a ton of water in the river so it was rough going. There were countless log jams and beaver dams too which required considerable time to portage around. After some time we finally started to gain on the river but we were far behind. For the sake of losing light, the group had to bail before the planned end where the cars were parked. Unfortunately the river was flowing very nicely where we pulled out to bail. Two of our group had no trouble catching a ride on the side of the road to go get a car. They then returned to drive us all to our cars. Besides the time crunch and the slow going for the first few hours of the trip we all had a great time paddling!

Spring Vacation to St John's, NL

First Race of the Season in Nova Scotia

Wallace River Paddle

Paddled with the parents

Finally got out to paddle with my parents.

The New trails at Long Lake Provincial Park in Halifax

Summary: they suck.

Bicycle Saddles

Saddles are difficult to choose and buy

First Face Climbing

A rock climbing trip to Musquodoboit Harbour with friends.

Tangier River and Sixth Lake

A whole lot of buchwhacking and not so much paddling

Canoe Repair

Our nameless boat has been in need of repair.

Lower Herbert River

A quick run on the Herbert with some fellers from the internet

Lower Musquodoboit River

A day of fun on the river to practice moving water

Blue Mountain Birch Cove Lakes Wilderness Area Paddle

My Birthday paddle for 2016 was in the BMBCL Wilderness Area.

Four Season Paddling Award

L and I are aiming to capture the four season paddling award this year.

Into the Tobeatic

Our 8 day canoe trip into the Tobeatic Wilderness Area in Nova Scotia.